Sunday, April 19, 2009

first month

This is the first blog in Japan
Ive been here a month, thus `first month`
Done some interesting things, meet a lot of cool people.
Had ups and downs.
still don`t really know what to write here.
But here goes.

First night in Tokyo was cool.
Just chilled in the lobby and met people, like Inga for example.
then this bus stole me, and snailed me to Osaka, not cool!
wasted 3 days there, then hooked up the host family in Kagoshima airport.
They are real nice, but not in the best location, i would have perfered Niigata or something.
Started school, which is boring at the moment.
Not sure what happens there yet, but they real strict on cellphones.
Yeah got a phone, its like 38 times better than my NZ one, for less than half the price.
Joined basketball club because i was missing it hard.
Unfortunatly, i left most of my hops at home, so nothing special.

Was enjoying that until I moved onto missing something else.
Getting up at 5 20 school days
weekends I get a sleep in, 6 20...
Thats a whole hour... yay...
Spend a lot of my free time writing,
nothing I wanna post on the Web though.
Get home at 8pm on week days because of Ball,
so Im pretty wasted.

Anyway, noone is proberly reading this anyway, so Ill stop now

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to me.

Blogs? Someone better explain this to me.
Hey, My names Wade Stafford, and I decided to make this thing because everyone else going to Japan with AFS has one. Yay Me!